Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short And Sweet

No, no, no, it can't really be P-day AGAIN! The end of this transfer is looming closer and closer every day like an axe, ready to cut the fun short. I just KNOW I won't get another transfer with Sister Silva. She's too fun. I'm also afraid I'm probably going to be transferred to another location, now that I'm really starting to see progress here in Mussurunga. The little kids run up to hug me at church now, and I feel like I'm actually helping in the ward. Maybe I'll get one more transfer here..... But if not, tudo bem. I'm sure it would be good for me to experience another area, too. Whatever happens, the Lord knows where I'm needed, so I don't need to worry about it. For now I'm just trying to enjoy this time and work like crazy.
   Sometimes, when I pause to think about it, I'm amazed by this place. Every day, so many incredible, funny, surprising, beautiful, strange, and miraculous things happen and I'm constantly constructing letters home in my head to document these moments, but there are simply far too many to write even a 100th of them. For instance, this past week we asked for directions from a little street smart boy (a real Gavroch, or artful Dodger, right out of the movies, he seemed!) with dirt smudges on his face and clothes, and he declared that he would lead us to our desired location. Then he called out to his much older and taller friends rather chastizingly, "Well, are you coming or not? You got a problem with helping the people of God?!" Reluctantly his friends joined us and we all followed this spunky character through the streets of Mussurunga, dodging buses and puddles while he, strutting with a confidence that defied his size, conversed with us. As I watched him call out to other boys passing by on bikes every now and then during our conversation, as if he had the whole world in his hands, and as he led us through a field of boys flying kites with the thick Brasilian foliage behind him, I wished I had a camera to capture the picturesque moment. 
   The mission is just packed full of little moments like these. They can't be canned or framed. They can't be explained. They have to be experienced! And I hope that I always remember them. I love my mission! I'm so grateful I made the decision to come here.

- Sister Weezer


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