Tuesday, January 8, 2013

80's EFY Music

Oi, família e amigos! Todo bem?
   I hope ya'll had a fab New Years! New Year's Eve is a bigger deal here in Brasil than Christmas is. A member invited us over for a feast and we sang more Christmas songs and then I made a vision board while Sister V. Silva worked on a 1-year anniversary gift for her boyfriend. Ha ha. It was pretty fun. Then we lay in bed and listened to a bajillion fireworks going off at midnight and people yelling in the streets. I'm glad I get to spend another New Year's Eve here, it's just way more exciting than in the U.S.  Sister V. Silva taught me a song for the holiday, too, and I sang it until she was ready to strangle me. No, not really, she kept singing it, too.
   My New Year's resolution is to write down one miracle that happened at the end of every day. So far it hasn't been hard. We've had an incredible week of miracles and awesome experiences! It's crazy, but all of a sudden people are coming up to US, or calling out to us in the street, wanting to know when they can come to church with us. Say what?! It's awesome. We've got several investigators we're super excited about.
   Today for P-day all the sisters in my zone got to go visit the Pelorina, which used to be the capitol of Brasil, back in the day. It's where the Portuguêse settlers first landed and there are tons of beautiful, old buildings. It was also a huge slave-trade post, so there are a lot of monuments. It was cool to see all that stuff. I felt like such a tourist, though. It was weird. And it was especially weird to see a bunch of pasty-white Americans walking around, snapping photos, speaking English. I hoped I didn't look like one of them. 
   We also ran into some Elders from the Salvador North mission while we were there (because the two missions each share a part of Salvador), and that was a Twilight Zone moment. We all just stopped and stared at each other in awkward puzzlement for several moments, looking at each others' name tags. "Elder?"
  Eventually we got over the weirdness of it, marveled at the excitement of talking to missionaries from another mission, then felt weird again and moved on. One of the Elders was an American from Utah (Elder Heaten?), but we didn't speak to each other in English because I think we forgot how.
          I didn't bring any music with me to Brasil, and every once in a while I regret it, but never for long, because my companions always have tons of music. It's fun to hear the different arrangements of church music that each companion has. Sister V. Silva's selection is, by far, my favorite so far. The first time she turned it on, I was thrown back in time to my childhood days in Utah, dancing in the living room on Sunday nights in my dress-up clothes. I think that might have been the last time I heard some of those songs. I don't know where she got them from, but Sister V. Silva has a ton of EFY songs (in English, mind you) from the 80's/90's! Classics such as "Do Likewise, My Friends", "Like a Lighthouse", "Every Man for Himself", and more! My favorite one to work out to in the morning is one that sounds especially 80's, with these lyrics: "I will win the race, I will fight a good fight, I will serve my God with all of my might. I will keep the faith, I will gain the prize, and I'm not giving up on the goal until the victory is mine!" It makes me want to dawn hot pink leg-warmers, a sweatband, and some poofy sweats that are gathered at the ankles. Mission mornings do not get any better than this.
Can I get the addresses of Megan Bingham and Genevieve Darrah?

I love you all!!
Until next week!

-Sister Weezer

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