Tuesday, March 4, 2014

That's Anne Spelled with an "E"

                                       December 24, 2013

Yesterday was our amazing Christmas Conference and it was also my LAST Conference on the mission (NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!), so I had to give my dying testimony. There was not a dry eye in the room. Lots of really amazing missionaries will be going home at the same time as me.
    As I'll get the chance to talk to my family tomorrow, this email is just a quick one. I just wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    I absolutely adore my new area! My companion is absolutely amazing and so very funny. Yea, to exceed all funniness. SISTER CLARK! Don't let her sweet appearance fool you-- she is so crazy. She's from New Jersey and can Dougy like no one I've ever seen. Every day is a blast with her!
    We found a deaf young man named Moabe this past week who absolutely loved the booklet we gave him and he wants us to teach him more. He's started to teach us Brasilian sign language. Later on during the week, as we prayed and prayed for a way to teach him, we found a whole family of deaf people on his street-- one of whom had already been baptized and stopped going to church because no one could speak to him there. His mom hears and signs, so she's going to become our interpreter. Woo hoo! We're gonna start a deaf group here! We're the Anne Sullivans of Brasil! :D
    That is all.
  Merry Christmas!

Sister Weezer 

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