Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Stoppin' In

    The first two times I was in a trio were awkward and uncomfortable, but I'm really loving it this time around. Sister Durelli and Sister F. Santos are awesome! We had another baptism this week: a 16-year-old girl named Jaqueline who is dating one of the members here. She was a little wary at first when I talked to her and gave her a little booklet to read, but in our first visit she was completely open and said that she had loved the booklet so much that she'd made her whole family read it and they all wanted to know more! She humbly and sweetly learned and accepted all that we taught her and then was baptized and her sister and brother are next in line. Then, once her mom and step-dad get married, they'll get baptized, too.  I love watching the gospel bless families! There's really nothing like it in all the world.
     Lucas still has a few doubts that he wants to work through before his baptism, so we're going to help him this week. He's already changed so much. He said he loves the people in the church and the light that they have and he wants to be more like that, and more happy. But he's still unsure about a lot of things. I can't even believe how much I love this kid. 
     I fell down the stairs this past week (yeah, right in front of the Elders, how embarrassing) and scared everyone half to death. Elder Viera almost had a heart attack. But I didn't break anything. My hip is currently a color I only thought possible for cartoon hippos and angry unicorns, and it feels mushy when I walk (strange feeling), but I am still alive. Miracle of miracles! I swear, I'm tripping so much more these days than I used to.
    People, I LOVE this gospel! I know that it's true. I KNOW that God lives and that He loves all of us so much! 

-Sister Whitaker

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