Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Angry Bird

I think every missionary, when he/she sets of on the mission, has this secret hope that he/she won't ever have to teach the law of chastity in great detail. Especially during the awkward MTC practices. But I can honestly say now that I am completely comfortable teaching this lesson now. I have no shame. You get a lot of practice here in Brasil, where no one is ever married. Seeing the results of a society that doesn't value marriage has really strengthened my testimony of the divinity of this commandment. God really knows what He's talking about. That said....

    Hey everyone! It's another week and here I am in the chique, chique lan house, trying to remember what I'd decided to write home about. I've decided that the story of the angry bird deserves to be told.
     First off, you must understand that Sister Mártir loves animals. She really does! She just doesn't understand what they like and what they don't like. She hasn't learned to read the angry signs of sur standing up on end, teeth barred, growling, hissing, hiding, or glinting eyes. To her, every reaction from an animal is funny and cute and she'll just keep right on moving towards them to pick them up, pet them, swing them around, make them dance, etc.  I try to warn her to be careful, but she always just rolls her eyes and accuses me of not understanding animals.
    Will, a few days ago we were in the house of an investigator who had a little bird that looked like a miniature green and blue falcon. Sister Mártir tried to coax it onto her hand, and when it refused, she grabbed it in her hands (amidst squawks of frightened protest) and MADE it love her. Then, despite MY protests, she pushed it onto my shoulder. He looked at me and I looked at him for a few moments. Then the investigator said, "He gives kisses!"  So I made kissy sounds and the bird pretended to be all shy and then quickly touched its beak to my cheek, imitating a kiss sound, and then turned its head quickly away with birdy-shoulders raised to hide its face. It was so cute, of course Sister Mártir wanted to try. "Let me! Let me!" she said, grabbing the bird back and holding it in front of her puckered lips.
   I'd never seen a bird look more angry in my life. It literally looked like it had eyebrows lowered, with its pupils dilated. I tried to warn her to be careful, but it was too late. As my dear companion made kissy sounds and drew the creature towards her, the bird leaned in and bit her lip! 
    It was funny for me, and a good learning experienece for her. Since that day, she's been more careful with animals. She still has a mark on her lip to remind her.

Well, that's all I got time for today, folks. Until next week! :D

-Sister Weezer

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