Monday, May 27, 2013

Transfers Again!?

Whew! This week was a real whirlwind. Where shall I start? Let's take this email in exciting headline bullits, shall we?

   We got to wake up at 3 am on Tuesday morning to hop on a bus for Vitória da Conquista, where our Zone Conference was held. It was AWESOME! Many times I felt like President Andrezzo had prepared the who conference especially for me and my needs. What an inspired man!  And then we had a surprise training by a random missionary that President chose on the spot to teach by the spirit what we needed to hear. Apparently all of us were supposed to study Teaching by The Spirit the week before so we'd be prepared, but no one got the memo and everyone was too embarassed to say so. President chose Sister Ellis and I was nervous for her, knowing that neither of us had known to prepare ahead of time. But, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, as she tremblingly made her way up to the front of the chapel (she has a fear of speaking in public), I said a quick prayer for her. When she finally opened her mouth, I was reminded that she'd spent the past week studdying Teaching by the Spirit in her personal study time, just because she wanted to be better at it. It ended up being a super spiritual and humbling experience for all who were present.

   Sister Santos was originally only going to serve a 3-month mission. She's from here in Jequié and I met her my first day in Salvador (which was her first day too). We served together in the same district and she got me super excited to serve in Jequié. When her three months were up, she asked for another month. Then another. Everyone here in her hometown has been going crazy waiting for her to come back-- especially her fiance.  For the past two months, her dad has been really sick from a tumor on his neck, and I was wondering why Sister Santos would keep asking for more time in the mission when her father's condition was getting more and more serious. It was because she didn't know. Her mother forbade anyone from telling her. Until Mother's Day when they got to talk on the phone and Sister Santos learned that her father was in the hospital. She took a bus home the next day and her dad stopped eating once she went to visit him. He passed away yesterday morning. President and Sister Andrezzo happened to be in town for the Branch Conference and so they went to visit the family yesterday. I wanted to go visit too, but the entire branch seemed to be heading over and I didn't want to overwhelm the poor family, so Sister Ellis and I put off our visit until another day. Maybe today or tomorrow.

We had two inactive members FINALLY come to church yesterday (after several weeks of meeting with them and encouraging them), and one of them brought his girlfriend, Alani, whom we've been teaching for several weeks now. They're going to get married and then she's going to get baptised and I'm SO excited for them! I've been really looking forward to helping prepare for this wedding and baptism, but .... Well, let's move on to the next headline.

Can you believe how quickly that last transfer flew? It was only a 5-week transfer, but it felt more like 2. Anyway, I'm being transfered to..... Salvador! Back to my first Zone in Imbuí. This time I'm going to serve in the area Stelamares, which is as beautiful as it sounds. It's right on the beach and the house there (I visited once) looks like a vacation spot. I'm going to serve with Sister Santana, who reminds me of Paige Sheppherd and is super fun. I'm very excited to serve with her!

 Well folks, that's all for now.

I love you all! This church is so true and if you have any doubts about it, pray and follow its teachings and you will see the blessings of it in your life!

-Sister Weezer

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