Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter 11: Makin' a List, Checkin' It Twice

No, it's not Santa Clause, it's me! Getting everything together for the ultimate Christmas.
Post-it notes and pieces of scratch paper with things to remember scribbled on them are taking over my bedroom, along with bins and boxes and blouses. I can barely walk in there, let alone make sense of the mad jumble. The time for preparation is coming to an end. Only six days before I'll be toting my 18-month supply of living essentials through three airports and setting up residence in....... Sao Paulo, Brazil!That's right. The long-awaited VISA finally came last week! And so, I will be flying straight to the training center in Brazil. And since I won't be able to receive any packages from home while I'm there, I darn well better have everything I need in my suitcase.
"What's that?" you may be asking right now. "Did I read that right? No packages to the CTM?" That's right. Any packages I receive will have to be sent to my mission office. I can only assume that means I won't get them until I'm out of the training center (about 9 weeks) and in my mission field. I will, however, be able to receive and send letters from the CTM! So, off to the side I've posted my CTM mailing address. ->
Also posted off to the side is my mission office mailing address, where letters and packages can be sent to me until I know the address of my first assignment in the mission field. Even then, this will always be a safe address to use, even though it's not quite as direct. ->

As for emails.... I know that some Mission Presidents allow missionaries to email friends, as well as family, but I don't know yet what MY Mission President will allow. So for now we're just going to assume that I can only email, and receive emails from, my family. Hurrah for snail mail!

Now that we've got all that out of the way, let's get back to my list!

- Contact info on blog? Check
- Ugly, but oh-so-comfy and durable sandals? Check (Thank you, Chaco!)
- Tea Tree Oil shampoo to ward off lice? Check (Thank you, Sunni!)
- Modest dresses made from climate-friendly materials (no polyester or nylon!) Check
- Microfiber towel (for quick drying and conserved space) Check (Thank you, Ammon!)
- Journals to record my missionary treasured moments? Check (Thank you, Ammon!)
- Photo albums, to remember what my friends and family look like? Check (Thank you, Ammon!)
- All the shots I need to cross the border? Check (Thank you, Phil Darrah!)
- Camera? Check (Thank you Blair and Rebecca!)
- Sunday shoes? ....Hmm....
- Second suitcase? .... Hmm....
- First aid/sewing kits? .... I know I've got those somewhere....
- Umbrella? .... I'm sure I've got one in some closet or another.....
- Scriptures in Portuguese? ................

Ok, so I'm not quite ready to hop on the plane yet. But so much of what I do have ready is a result of other people being so generous with their time, energy, and resources. My family has been so wonderful, driving me about, being patient with my pre-mission stress, and keeping me on task with what I need to do. I'm so grateful for all their support. My friends, too, have been so amazing. I just love you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you all a million times over for all your love and support! Only a few days more.....


  1. Darn, I didn't make it to the list. If only you were able to find those shoes at the Shoe Mill... That reminds me, do you still want my camera? It's still sitting in my car.

    Gah! You're leaving so soon! How can I get my fill of Railee joy before you go?

  2. That was awesome! Don't you buy your portugese scriptures at the CTM? I duno how it works for brazil...... I can't believe I have to live for 19months without you!!